The Significance of Yoga for Psychological Health During COVID-19 – As Illustrated by Michael E Weintraub Esq
Michael e Weintraub esq

The Significance of Yoga for Psychological Health During COVID-19 – As Illustrated by Michael E Weintraub Esq

Every individual has been affected by the outbreak of the pandemic in some way or the other. Although places are slowly coming back to normal, there are still areas of concern. The long period of lockdown has restricted the physical movement of individuals. It has contributed to its monotony and isolation. Since March last year, life has changed drastically. The restriction on physical activity, social distance maintenance, and reduced public services availability have become an inseparable part of human life. The drastic and sudden alteration in routine has caused mental and physical issues in human beings. According to Michael E Weintraub Esq, there are millions of cases of people suffering from mental illnesses. It is because of the present state of issues.

Most individuals have lost their source of employment, which has caused financial distress. It has contributed to their psychological disorder, and they have been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress and aggressiveness.

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It is a million-dollar question that requires detailed analysis. With the present state of events, psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists are reporting a rise in the volume of mental health issues. People are suffering from depression and anxiety and are thereby recommended to take up healthy living habits.

  • Yoga is a helpful and also time-efficient technique that has stress-relieving features. In addition It helps in overcoming the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. You have to practice particular yoga asanas to increase your endurance. Yoga helps in building confidence and helps strengthen your mind.
  • Child’s pose or Balasana plays a crucial role in enhancing the entire body. It increases overall balance and motivates an individual. Moreover, it increases blood circulation and gives your muscles a perfect tone.
  • Viparita Karani is considered a relaxing pose. It allows you to lie down on the ground without twisting your legs. It enables blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and reduces swelling of the joints. Moreover, yoga is beneficial in treating conditions like lupus and arthritis, says Michael E Weintraub Esq.
  • Uttanasana or forward bent pose is an inverted posture that enhances immunity, relaxes the mind, and releases stress. It improves blood flow in the muscles and relieves congestion. It helps to get the body rid of stress-giving particles. Moreover, it helps in strengthening the calves, hips, and hamstrings.
  • Bridge pose is beneficial for relieving arthritic pain, strengthening the thigh, leg, and back muscles. It reads back pain and hip pain and is also helpful for treating osteoporosis. It is significant in removing blockages from your brain and helps in restoring calmness and peace.
  • After that Corpse pose is exceptionally beneficial in treating chronic illnesses and helps in stretching the body. It improves concentration levels and motivates your body.

The bottom line of these points is that yoga helps in cooling down your body. It calms your nerves and sets your mind. Moreover, it is beneficial for different diseases like diabetes, gastrointestinal troubles, and respiratory issues. It improves your concentration level and patience level. Besides, it boosts your mental wellbeing and relaxes your body. Hence, practicing yoga asanas every day will give you much-needed relaxation.

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