Michael E Weintraub Esq Shares Wellness Guidelines About Pandemic Stress
Michael E Weintraub Esq

Michael E Weintraub Esq Shares Wellness Guidelines About Pandemic Stress

Stress is an integral part of life, and humans have knowledge on how to deal with it! However, in the current times, almost everyone is experiencing elevated levels of stress. You can blame it on the pandemic outbreak. We can’t lead life the way we used to, and the world is still combating an invisible virus, not knowing when it will flatten down is enough reason to feel stressed and anxious Michael E Weintraub Esq.

Excess stress from the pandemic outbreak is adversely affecting people’s mindset. People are increasingly becoming pessimistic about life. A study highlights that recently, the negative self-talk amongst people has increased. Hence, Michael E Weintraub Esq says that it is imperative to address this issue to have stable and balanced mental health.

Excess stress can affect your performance at work. Also, it can result in a depressed mood while you are at home. Here are a few ways to manage stress and boost your mental health.

Positive self-talk

We might not know or be aware of it, but we talk to ourselves. For instance, if you watched a negative news update on television, you might be unconsciously telling yourself that “life is not safe”. It’s time to arrest the negative self-talk and turn it into positive self-talk. For instance, when you find your self-talk leaning towards the negative side, you can consciously tell yourself, “Everything will be good” or “Life is good”. Positive self-talk can reduce stress and help you to stay calm even in the face of adversity.

Practice the emergency stress-stoppers

There can be moments when you stress excessively. During these times, it’s essential to practice a few emergency stress stoppers that will bring down stress. These are few actions that can help you battle your tension better during the pandemic. It includes the following:

  • Count to 10 prior to reacting to anything negative or stressful
  • Try to say a prayer that can change your perspective
  • Practice deep breathing to correct your tensed breathing pattern
  • Walk inside your home at the corridor space to calm down your tension
  • Turn on an inspirational podcast to help you deal with the situation
  • Take a break from the stressful situation and listen to music
  • Try and work out as physical activity can bring down stress
  • Opt-in for stress-busting activities

If you think that the pandemic stress would erase out of your life by snapping your fingers, it won’t! You need to choose stress-busting activities that will help you rise above the stress and boost your mental health. Some of the activities suggested by Michael E Weintraub Esqinclude:

  • You can play a musical instrument and relax.
  • Start painting or add colors to a coloring book.
  • Try and work on a photo album or scrapbook to create good memories.
  • Try to read a magazine, short story or a book.
  • You can take some time and meditate to get back to your inner poise and calm.
  • Get involved in a home improvement project.
  • Play with your pets and kids indoors.

It would help if you tackled the pandemic stress by getting engaged in activities that generate positive thoughts and emotions in you. The guidelines mentioned above can come in handy.

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