Michael e Weintraub Esq shares business tips for start-ups during the pandemic
Michael e Weintraub Esq

Michael e Weintraub Esq shares business tips for start-ups during the pandemic

Our world is still healing from a global crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has adversely affected almost every stratum of society. Right at the start, due to a lack of proper medical aid and support, the virus contamination took several lives. And gradually, it hurt the economy as well. Companies were incurring massive losses, and they had to let their employees go. There were pink slips handed out to employees, and there were salary cuts as well. Currently, the situation is improving! The vaccination drive has brought about some relief. However, there are start-up organizations still struggling to make their business work in this crisis. Michael e Weintraub Esq shares some of the essential business tips for start-up organizations.

1. Reduce the travel time

The new strain of the virus has caused much worry amongst everyone. Even though you can avail the flights now, it is smart to keep business travel on hold. It will help start-up businesses to save money as well. Instead, it’s a good practice to conduct business development meetings on video conferencing tools and apps. These tools get equipped to record conferences and provide a complete picture and sound clarity. It will help people across multiple time-zones connect and share their views on a given business topic or issue.

2. Work from home as much as possible

The pandemic curve hasn’t flattened down yet! Hence, it’s a smart decision to allow your employees to carry on work from home. However, it is essential to have regular work delivery timelines that employees should cater to. Start-up organizations should divide the work in a way that each employee ensures maximum productivity by working from home. Organizations should provide their employees all the essential resources and support to carry on work from home without any trouble.

3. Redefine the marketing strategy

Both the economy and the market are recovering at a slow pace. Hence, start-up organizations shouldn’t opt-in for an aggressive marketing strategy. Instead, it is time to focus on their public relations moves and establish a good reputation. It’s time to plant the online articles and release essential press releases. Michael E Weintraub Esq says that start-up organizations should try to connect with their audience and create a rapport with them. It will help them to know their pain points better and customize the service and product accordingly.

4. Social media marketing

Since most people are working from home, they are spending ample time online. Hence, it’s a perfect time for start-ups to maximize their social media marketing initiatives. They can start using their Instagram or Twitter profiles and catch up with the latest social media trends. That aside, it is good to create social media polls and contests and encourage the followers and online viewers to participate in the same. Furthermore, it’s a good practice to respond to the user comments so that they feel acknowledged and spread positive word-of-mouth publicity about your brand.

It will take some time for the economy to heal completely from the after-effects of the pandemic outbreak. The start-ups can use the guidelines mentioned by Michael E Weintraub Esq to add value to their business.

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