Michael E Weintraub Esq Says It’s Right Now Is the Best Time to Meditate for Better Mental Health
Michael E Weintraub Esq

Michael E Weintraub Esq Says It’s Right Now Is the Best Time to Meditate for Better Mental Health

Michael E Weintraub Esq, The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in an uncertain future, both environmentally and economically. Hence, it’s apt to say that the times are replete with anxiety, worry, and stress which people haven’t witnessed before. Over the past year, the situation around the world has been grim. On one end, the economy had seen a downswing, and on the other end, the global medical structure got overwhelmed with the increasing infection and death rates. And all these had affected people’s mental health adversely. It took time for the medical fraternity to tackle this challenge.

Hence, Michael E Weintraub Esq says that it’s time to cultivate a new habit that will bring mental calm and peace. Yes, it’s a meditation that is the need of the hour. According to the latest studies, if people can practice fifteen minutes of meditation daily, it can help to reduce mental fatigue, anxiety, and other mental disturbances.

There are many ways in which meditation can positively impact our mental health during the pandemic phase.

Meditation acts as an anti-depressant for anxiety and depression

A review study conducted some time back analyzed the link between mindfulness meditation and its capacity to bring down the signs of pain, anxiety, and depression. Researchers and their team discovered that meditation’s effect size was moderate, and it was at 0.3. Does this sound low? You should know that the anti-depressants adequate size is 0.3 as well. Hence, that the impact of meditation is impressive.

Meditation can help in training the brain. Many people think that meditation is all about sitting in one place and doing nothing. That isn’t true. Meditation trains the mind in a way that maximizes awareness. Today, there are different meditation programs available for people. And when practiced well and effectively, meditation can cure depression to a great extent. It can also help to arrest and resolve the anxiety that people are witnessing due to the pandemic.

Meditation helps to enhance attention span and focus

The pandemic stress makes people face difficulties with their ability to focus on work or a daily chore! Hence, having focus issues is no more restricted to kids. Many people during the pandemic phase have reported ADD and their desire to resolve it. Surprisingly, one of the many crucial advantages of meditation is that it enhances concentration and attention. If you practice meditation for a couple of weeks, you will find that your ability to focus has changed for the better.

Michael E Weintraub Esqsays that most people are worried about the future. Also, not every person finds it easy to work from home. The change in the working ambiance makes many people lose their ability to focus on their everyday work. Meditation can come to the rescue. Not only does it help with the ability to concentrate better, but it also enhances people’s cognitive skills.

Therefore, today it’s all the more important to practice meditation. Daily practice can boost mental health and also make people gain their inner calm and balance.

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