Is overcoming stress during the pandemic possible? Michael e Weintraub esq provides guidelines
Michael e Weintraub esq

Is overcoming stress during the pandemic possible? Michael e Weintraub esq provides guidelines

As the coronavirus pandemic seeps through the world, the situation is frightening for most people. Most of the places are partially shutting down, while others are facing challenges to reopen. The unprecedented situation surrounding the pandemic is the most challenging thing people have to handle. The catastrophe and destruction brought about by the pandemic are overwhelming, thereby causing panic among many individuals. Amidst such a deadly crisis, people need to manage fear and anxiety. The current situation has taken an emotional toll on patients’ health combating anxiety and stress, says Michael e Weintraub esq.

Here are a few guidelines for patients with an anxiety disorder to get through such stressful times:

Take a respite from misinformation

Although it is essential to stay updated about the current situation yet, you must consider the misinformation. Such sensitive coverage brings about feelings of fear and stress. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the information that you read and watch.

Direct your focus to aspects you can control

Although most things are beyond people’s control yet, it is essential to take necessary steps and reduce personal risk. A vast majority respond to various updates from different news channels, thereby increasing their anxiety and stress. You are a list of things that can help you minimize the risk of further outspread:

It is necessary to keep hand sanitizer.

You can minimize further spread of the disease by confining yourself to your home.

Adequate amount of sleep will be helpful to enhance immunity.

Maintaining social distance is significant to safeguard yourself and others.

Relieve your anxiety by being proactive.

Generally, people tend to worry about their families and work when they are under self-quarantine. It is necessary to plan things that are in your control rather than giving in to an overwhelming situation. A solution is an ideal remedy to solve the current problems, says Michael e Weintraub esq.You must draw out a plan of action and try to work on the same.

Practice social distancing

To curtail the spread of the virus, the best thing you can do is to follow the social distancing norms. However, it is not sensible to keep yourself aloof and impact your physical well-being. Therefore you connect two people virtually and reach out for support. It is easy to substitute video calling from in-person contacts, thereby feeling connected.

Go easy and practice self-care

The world is under a massive upheaval, with cases spiking and getting worse. Therefore, people must gather courage and brace the situation as they come. In addition, people with anxiety disorder must try stress management strategies such as getting adequate sleep and nutrition.

Here are a few pointers to stabilize your anxiety by taking care of your mind and body

People suffering from anxiety disorder should avoid conversing about the pandemic and take respite from stressful situations. It is the best time to spend time with family and share positive thoughts.

•Put yourself in a schedule- Although people must work remotely amidst the pandemic yet, it is necessary to maintain a regular schedule for yourself and your family. Maintaining a routine will give you a feeling of normalcy amidst such trying times, says Michael e Weintraub esq.

•​Stay physically active– maintaining a routine for exercise is a crucial way to release anxiety and stabilize the mood. In addition, one can join virtual workout sessions set as yoga and Zumba to keep yourself in shape.

Leisure time helps to combat stress- it is natural to feel overwhelmed during such stressful times. However, distracting yourself can play a crucial role in managing anxiety.

For example, engage in a family board game or distract yourself by trying a new recipe for a piece of art. Such activities will help you stay away from unnecessary worries.

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