How to manage cortisol levels for better mental health by Michael e Weintraub Esq
michael e weintraub esq

How to manage cortisol levels for better mental health by Michael e Weintraub Esq

The prolonged trauma that people are experiencing due to the pandemic has made it difficult for individuals to function normally in life. The news of the rising cases has caused the brain to produce an excessive stress hormone known as cortisol. Such chronic stress triggers the habit of drinking and smoking Michael e Weintraub Esq.

Excessive production of stress hormones leads to chronic health problems such as nausea and headaches. Therefore it is vital to realize how to handle a stressful situation before it overcomes you, as asserted by Michael e Weintraub Esq.

Problems arising due to high cortisol levels

An increase in the level of cortisol causes chronic health issues. It increases hypertension, obesity, depression, and diabetes. Studies have proved that high cortisol levels are the result of persistent stressful experiences. Such unprecedented situations like the coronavirus outbreak have led to a drastic change in individuals’ emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns.

Here are a few health complications arising out of elevated cortisol

Increase in appetite and obesity – chronic stress causes people to overeat, gradually resulting in obesity. Conversely, eating when you are not hungry slows down the metabolism and causes the body to store food as fat. Fatigue-increased stress levels make the body and the mind tired and exhausted within a short span of work. It hinders the natural hormonal cycle, thereby leading to poor quality sleep. Impaired cognitive function- a high level of cortisol disrupts the memory and result in brain fog.

Here are a few Lifestyle changes that can help individuals to minimize stress:

Sleeping adequately and at the right time

The majority of the stress among individuals is poor sleep quality or sleeping at the wrong time. Many people tend to stay up late at night and fall to bed only during dawn. Such disruption in the natural hormonal pattern is one of the most significant causes of high cortisol. Therefore it is necessary to get optimum sleep quality to combat cortisol, says Michael e Weintraub esq.

Moderate exercises

Although an intense workout routine raises the level of cortisol, yet keeps it controlled during nighttime. On the other hand, moderate physical activity balances cortisol when you do extreme forms of exercise. Make sure to do it in the first half of the day.

Be aware of your thoughts

It is necessary to train yourself to recognize stressful thinking and be aware of your mental and physical state. Stressful thoughts are one of the significant causes of high cortisol levels. Practice mindfulness and relaxation to release the tension from your body. Have a word it is essential to be aware of the stress that triggers the cortisol hormone, thereby learning few strategies to cope with it.

Practice a few techniques of relaxation

However, studies have proved that relaxation exercises are an effective means of controlling cortisol levels. Relaxation therapy, such as deep breathing, massage therapy, and yoga, lowers cortisol within a short span. You can practice these exercises anywhere in the world. The best way is to identify your stress and help yourself to relax with some calming music and deep breathing.

Engage in activities that give satisfaction

Studies have proved that people engaging in hobbies minimize the risk of high cortisol levels. Therefore, it is necessary to perform activities that increase satisfaction and give you happiness. Perform activities that allow peace of mind, such as painting, gardening, and spending time outdoors, claims Michael e Weintraub Esq.

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