Extend support to loved ones enduring mental illness during the pandemic – Michael e Weintraub esq
Michael e Weintraub Esq

Extend support to loved ones enduring mental illness during the pandemic – Michael e Weintraub esq

It is heart-wrenching and challenging when you see your loved ones struggling with mental illness. Accepting the fact that they are enduring the problem is a difficult task. Following this, extending support to them becomes even more problematic. Remember that each individual is unique, and their situations vary. Hence, the support they require depends on the specific diagnosis of their problem. The spread of covid-19 has resulted in mental and physical issues. With the restriction on physical movement, people are enduring weight gain and other issues. On the other hand, isolation has left people feeling lonely and distressed. If you come across any individual facing these issues, make efforts to extend support. Michael e Weintraub esq asks you to remember that it is your responsibility to make your loved ones feel happy and satisfied. Approach them with open arms and follow specific tips and tricks when you interact with them.

Identification of warning signs associated with mental illness – Michael e Weintraub esq

Restriction on social interaction has resulted in withdrawal symptoms in many people. The change in social activities has a dramatic impact on sleep patterns as well as appetite. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is an indication of mental illness. These are warning signs which required immediate attention. You may also see some of them exhibiting quick anger and loss of temper. These are also not normal. Different evaluations reveal that preventing these severe symptoms is possible by way of therapies and counseling sessions. You can address the underlying cause and prevent the development of severe symptoms.

How to address the problem?

Initiating the conversation with the individual is the most challenging point of the game. When you have identified the symptoms of depression and mental illness of your loved ones, you have to get into a detailed conversation with them. Try to express your willingness and concern for the latter and listen to their point of view. Do not impose any opinion on them and allow them to open up. Reassure these individuals that you are there to support them. The fact that they get an individual to trust is crucial. Only then will they show up. Be patient with them while extending your support. Do not be judgmental or opinionated, as stated by Michael e Weintraub esq. Take their actions and thoughts lightly and do not challenge their feelings.

Encourage the individuals to speak about where and when they started feeling stressed. Make them comfortable and do not make comparisons. In most cases, Michael e Weintraub esq says, physical health conditions may also result in these issues. For example, if the individual is suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, it may contribute to their mental issues. Remind them of the importance of seeking medical help for reducing these symptoms of mental problems.

 Extending support is not a one-day phenomenon. You have to educate yourself about the causes and remedies of mental health conditions. Only then can you expect to deal with the situation. The possible treatment options and therapy sessions that might effectively deal with the situation need proper research. However, try grabbing reliable information from reputable sources. Only then can you extend support to your loved ones.

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